*Realist. Surrealist. Abstractist.*
*Original horse artist.*
*MJ fan artist.*



"Ghost Rider”

White prismacolor on 9x12 inch black artagain paper. Done in 3 hours.

~Art by MoonwalkingHorse~

"Classy Arabian"

It’s been a while since I’ve done true realism. I’ve never attempted the veins on a horse but this time I did.

Sky blue prismacolor pencil on 9x6 inch coal black artagain paper. Done in 2 hours. I used a reference for this one. It’s been so long since I’ve drawn a realistic horse that I have forgotten how.

~Art by MoonwalkingHorse~

"Galope Noctorno"

White gel pen on 9x12 inch coal black artagain paper. Done in 30 minutes.

~Art by MoonwalkingHorse~

"Black Swan"

White gel pen, white colored pencil and black ink on 12x15 inches storm grey artagain paper. Done in 1 hour.

~Art by MoonwalkingHorse~


Black gel pen on 9x12 inch, 140 lb Canson watercolor paper. Done in 45 minutes.

~Art by MoonwalkingHorse~

"Billie Jean Is For Lovers"

Traditional white gel pen drawing on black artagain paper edited in Photoshop.

You can buy this on a shirt or hoodie at Redbubble! :D

~Art by MoonwalkingHorse~

I never, ever draw humans (with the exception of MJ) so this is quite weird for me…..

White acrylic paint and fineliner brush on 9x12 black artagain paper.

~Art by MoonwalkingHorse~


See if you can guess why I gave it that title.

9x12 inches, 140lb Canson watercolor paper
Watercolors, gel pens, ballpoint pens.

~Art by MoonwalkingHorse~

"Dark Light"

This is the 1st time I’ve attempted this style of horses digitally. Not really sure if I like it or not.

Done on Gimp with a trackpad.

~Art by MoonwalkingHorse~

Traditional vs Digital: Michael Jackson’s eyes

Traditional in ballpoint pen in  1 hour. Digital done in Photoshop in 5 hours.

Click here for traditional time lapse video or here for digital time lapse video.

~Art by MoonwalkingHorse~